Meet new people over a comfy home dinner

Posted at 6:08 pm, December 4, 2013 in Around Town, Food & Drink

Looking to make new friends in Tokyo? Now you can do just that over a delicious home-cooked dinner, prepared by a talented Scandinavian food lover. Hailing from Denmark, Peter Roland started inviting visitors to his house in November, and we popped in to check out what the ‘Peter’s Kitchen’ event is all about.

A seven-year resident of Japan, Roland earns his living in the shipping industry, but greatly enjoys cooking for his friends on the weekends. The self-taught chef now hopes to entertain even more people with his culinary skills, which is why he decided to start ‘Peter’s Kitchen’ – a meeting place for people passionate about food and friends.Princeton

The theme for the inaugural dinner course was ‘French and Italian’, with a bit of Danish and Japanese flavours mixed in as well. Thanks to the open kitchen setting, guests are able to watch the chef at work, providing us participants with a great chance to get to know each other first as well.

The menu for the night included everything from roast beef to grilled shrimp with prosciutto and scallop, and from a lobster cappucino soup to crêpes suzette, surely satisfying even the most demanding of gourmands.

‘Peter’s Kitchen’ will take place once every month, with the next event, themed ‘Danish Christmas’, planned for December 14. See the official website for booking details, and don’t dally: there’s only place for eight people at the table.

(Photos by Katty Phouleuanghong)

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