Japan’s Babymetal bound for UK

Posted at 12:08 pm, April 10, 2014 in Music

Just because you’re called an idol group doesn’t mean you’re all pop and frivolity. Japan’s Babymetal is just one of the local groups turning the cute and cheery idol stereotype on its head. Granted the members are all girls between 14 and 16 whose lyrics are not anything to write home about, but instead of pop-standard song-and-dance routines, they combine speedy guitar riffs with thick bass, synths and drum beats for prog rock-style melodies. They’ve been billed as a viral phenomenon and the proof is in the pudding – since uploading their latest single ‘Gimme Chocolate’ (above) in February, it’s received over 5,7-million hits and counting. Now the group is on their way to the UK for a debut performance at Sonisphere. ‘There are so many different types of artists playing this festival but I hope to deliver a one and only, unique style metal – Babymetal – even to those who will see us for the very first time,’ says band member Su-Metal.


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