Manga takes on Fukushima controversy

Posted at 11:35 am, May 13, 2014 in Art, Culture

Long-running manga series ‘Oishinbo’ (美味しんぼ) has sparked major controversy by publishing chapters depicting a character complaining of nose bleeds due to radiation exposure at Fukushima (above) and a character based on real-life former Futaba mayor Katsutaka Idogawa who, in the comic, refers to Fukushima as ‘unlivable’.

The publisher, Shogakukan, and manga author Tetsu Kariya have experienced severe backlash from the Fukushima Prefectural Government but Kariya says he will not back down. As reported on, Kariya says people are trying to ‘sugar-coat the disaster with euphemisms and falsely positive language to hide the truth’. Apparently he plans to release his rebuttal once his final chapter is released. Meanwhile, Shogakukan has stated it plans to publish an article on its website next week that will summarise all the responses – positive and negative – to the manga series.

What do you think – could this be just the kind of awareness the public needs?

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