Have you spotted Invader in Tokyo yet?

Posted at 11:06 am, May 23, 2014 in Around Town, Art, Culture

Photo via http://instagram.com/invaderwashere

The legendary Parisian street bomber, Invader, is in Tokyo for the fifth time, spreading his pixelated art all over town. He is here as part of his world tour to launch his documentary ‘ART4SPACE’, which follows the urban artist as he launched one of his mosaics into space.

Invader, who took his name from the 1978 arcade game ‘Space Invaders’, has been ‘decorating’ the world with his signature ceramic-tile designs since 1998. He has successfully ‘invaded’ over 60 cities in 30 countries, although remains anonymous by wearing a mask and pixelating his own image. Although this hasn’t stopped him from being arrested a couple of times. Guess not everyone appreciates their bland concrete walls being animated with colourful tile work. Although we do hope the wine store around the corner from our office enjoys the new addition to their shopfront. We quite like seeing a bit of Invader art on our way to work…

For more Invader sightings around Tokyo, check out Invader’s Instagram feed and this Flickr photostream by toruteam. And let us know if you seen any others…

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