Kitsune gets a makeover (including a brand-new style of sushi)

Posted at 7:03 pm, November 4, 2014 in Food & Drink

One of our favourite things about the revamped Dining & Bar Kitsune is the brand-new French-Japanese fusion sushi menu. Chef Suguru Kobayashi served up his innovative creations at the grand opening of the newly renovated space on Oct 30, and we couldn’t get enough of the salmon, basil and cream cheese ‘terrine-style’ sushi, which he’s termed ‘sushine’ (get it?). This is an original dish by Kobayashi, so you won’t find it anywhere else in Tokyo – or the world, for that matter.

Dining & Bar Kitsune has been around for 13 years, so it was probably time for a bit of a shake up. And it wears its new decor and menu well, appealing to a variety of sensibilities. The space centres around a big circular bar area, with alcoves leading off it in all directions. Chandeliers and draped see-through curtains in individual booths give a luxe dining feel, while sprawling bars, colour-changing lights and upbeat music will suit those looking for light snacks to go with their ¥500 beers and a night on the town. A private room, which is available for free for parties of 10 or more, adds a touch of VIP atmosphere, while the sake bar also provides the chance to escape the crowd in the main bar area and sip on nihonshu in elegant leather chairs. TV screens showing sports matches are everywhere you look, so sports fans will never miss a beat of any game.

Aside from the unique sushi on offer, you can also order conventional sushi plus a range of other dishes, none of which break the ¥2,000 mark. In fact, we were impressed by the quality of food being served for prices ranging from ¥680 for Caprese with Fresh Tomato and Mozzarella from Hokkaido to ¥1,700 for Grilled French Duck with Seared Butter and Soy Sauce.

Kitsune presents a monthly schedule on their website and Facebook page, so you can keep up to date with events. And weekdays are themed, for example there’s ‘Love Sports’ on Mondays, ‘Happy Tuesday’ which features a special ¥500 for food and drink menu, ‘Love Music’ on Wednesdays, and ‘Sushi Night’ on Thursdays when each sushi plate (three pieces) is priced at ¥500. For more information, visit

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