Don’t want your bike stolen? Stick some bird droppings on it

Posted at 6:47 pm, April 8, 2015 in Around Town

Sure, us honest and upstanding Tokyoites turn in missing money in the millions every year, pick up lost wallets only to have them returned to their rightful owner and thoughtfully leave wayward bags be. But when it comes to umbrellas and – especially – bicycles, we occasionally turn into ruthless me-first bastards, casually grabbing strangers’ gear just in order to make it home dry. That means there’s a clear demand for anti-theft bike gadgets, and grad school student Reoga Motoki’s new invention sure ranks among the more creative ones: it’s a rather realistic recreation of bird poop.

Finding an actual avian turd on your saddle is no joy, but this sticker version only uses the threat of a soiled backside to scare away potential thieves. Although not a fully faithful depiction, it looks realistic enough on first sight, which should be enough for the purpose.

First created simply as a practical joke, Motoki’s stroke of smelly genius is now facing a new challenge: increasing popularity will inevitably mean that bike bandits start to see through his crap.

Get your shit sticker at Village Vanguard’s online store, and don’t forget to still lock your bike when parking at the station.

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