Burger King gets creative again, this time with red buns

Posted at 5:54 pm, June 26, 2015 in Around Town, Food & Drink

After bringing us the black burger multiple times, Burger King is back once again with not just one, but two varieties of… a red burger. This red-angry (or embarrassed?) concoction will be available in both chicken or beef: Aka Samurai Chicken or Aka Samurai Beef (‘aka’ meaning ‘red’, not ‘also known as’). The burgers feature a tomato powder-coloured bun, the usual lettuce and tomato, and a red miso, Chinese bean paste and red pepper sauce, called ‘Angry Sauce’. To top it all off, even the cheese will be coloured red by, again, tomato powder. At least it packs a lycopene punch?

But that’s not all. Standing in the PR shadow of this red giant are the new twin pies – in black and red. Yes, Burger King couldn’t quite say goodbye to its black bamboo charcoal and decided to incorporate some into their dessert pies. A set includes a black-coloured, salted caramel-filled pie, and a red cherry version. At least one of the stuffings fits the colour…

Curious to try one? The red devil(s) will hit around 90 stores across the country from July 3.

Photos: Burger King Japan

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