The mysterious world of Alice recreated in Harajuku

Posted at 6:55 pm, June 29, 2015 in Around Town, Culture, Fashion


Most people would agree that Wednesday is the most boring day of the week. With this in mind, the owners of Alice on Wednesday named their store in the hope of injecting some fun into our mid-week tedium. Based in Harajuku, the store faithfully reproduces the world of Alice in Wonderland, featuring three floors of delicious sweets and pretty accessories, along with a few fun tricks to keep you entertained – multiple doors on the outside keep you guessing as to which one leads inside, and indoors you’ll spot hidden keyholes and characters peeping out from under tables.

Every floor has its own unique theme. You’ll find the Mad Hatter’s room, the Queen of Hearts room and the pure white room (the one in which Alice drank the mysterious magic potion that made her shrink in size). Fans will immediately notice the original John Tenniel illustrations featured on many of the items, and you’ll be greeted by plenty of  Wonderland characters – we especially love the Cheshire Cat who grins at you on the staircase leading to the third floor, his eyes following your every move.

The first floor is the sweet spot. Look out for the colourful Drink Me bottles (¥324) and Eat Me cookies (¥324 per pack).

You can also pick up an Alice T-shirt, a tote bag and a melting clock…

The Queen of Hearts room is packed with shiny accessories, starting at ¥600. Our favourite piece has to be the rabbit’s pocket watch.

For Alice on Wednesday map and contact details, click here.

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