Nintendo allows same-sex marriage

Posted at 4:47 pm, June 30, 2015 in Art

Screenshot from Nintendo

In the same week that gay marriage was declared legal in the US, Nintendo released its latest Fire Emblem game, which is the first in the role-playing series to introduce same-sex unions. In the two new versions of Fire Emblem, female-female and male-male relationships between a character created by the player and another character are possible.

After slight upheaval last year over Nintendo’s lack of inclusion of same-sex relationships in Tomodachi Life, the game company issued a public apology, and promised to be more open in the future. That future is now, with last week’s Japan release of Fire Emblem Conquest and Birthright, which allows same-sex couples to blossom and even marry. As of now, however, you’ll have to choose whether you want male/male or female/female relationships, as only one option (male in Conquest, female in Birthright) is available for each version.

Although it isn’t the first example of gay couples in a game, some see it as a step for the LGBT community and its supporters. Others see it as Nintendo’s acceptance of Japan’s small stake in the global games market, and of the need to diversify. But in the end, in Nintendo’s words, the game should just be ‘fun to play’. We’re curious to see how the relationships develop…

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