Pop Japan pops up in New York

Posted at 11:46 am, August 14, 2015 in Travel

Stopping by the Big Apple in late August? Don’t miss the Waku Waku Pop Culture Festival, which is taking over Brooklyn’s Expo Center on the last weekend of the month (Saturday 29 and Sunday 30). Coming to town with a packed programme of anime, manga, music, food, movies and fashion, it’s this summer’s top event for Japanese culture and cuisine in New York.inflatable water slides

Entertainment comes in the form of gigs, film screenings and exhibitions, in addition to visits by a few rather interesting characters: appearing at screenings of two classic Dragon Ball Z movies will be anime screenwriter extraordinaire Takao Koyama, a veteran of the original DBZ series, and his son Makoto Koyama, a successful screenwriter in his own right. Meanwhile, fans of ‘lolita’ fashion will want to check out the shows by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Putumayo, two of Harajuku’s hottest brands, as well as the display featuring ‘kawaii’ culture doyen Sebastian Masuda’s latest piece, Time After Time Capsule. You’ll also have the chance to admire the skills of a kendama champion and hang out with voice actors featured in English-language anime dubs, making this one a real bonanza for anyone interested in Japanese pop culture.



As for the edibles, attendees can look forward to a who’s who of Japanese eateries operating branches in New York: cream puff purveyors Beard Papa’s will be there, as will shops dealing in takoyaki, while the booze – nihonshu, of course – comes courtesy of Ippudo New York. Finishing off the weekend will be a Sunday night concert headed by DJ Taku Takahashi from M-Flo and singer/model Yun*chi – don’t leave before catching the Bella Gaia show, which is supposed to combine music with NASA’s satellite imagery and video of World Heritage sites. Alrighty then.

Click here for all the details about Waku Waku NYC.

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